Petfood Warehouse- Pet Health Program

During my time working at Petfood Warehouse I have been made aware of how many people in our community cannot afford the products or nutrition that their pets require for optimal health and happiness. Many pets require special treatment for health related issues and they suffer because their loving owners do not have the finances for what is required.

I would love to start a Facebook page or make a Facebook post in the support sarnia local business group (that could be shared around Facebook) where people that have pets with health requirements they cannot afford can contact me privately for information or assistance. With this grant I would be able to provide the products free of charge to help people with their dire pet needs. All products would be at cost to the store, so no profit would be made, allowing the grant money to help as many people as possible.

I have not included pictures with my proposal as every product in the store would be available at cost through the program, whether it be foods, flea treatment or products from our pet pharmacy.

I have been trying to do small fundraisers on my own at work for the humane society and making sure nothing is wasted in the store and we donate everything we can do the Inn of the good Shepard, Petrolia Feral Cat Rescue, Heavens Wildlife Rescue. So I would really love the opportunity to put this proposal into action and provide further support to people and their pets in the Sarnia Lambton area.

Financiado pelo capítulo Sarnia (April 2021)