Safe Outings for Homeless At-Risk Youth

I am working with a nonprofit shelter called Homeless Intervention Services of OC. The shelter provides wrap-around services to young men 18-24 who are homeless and trying to get their lives back on track. They live in the (dormitory style) house, get back into school and they learn life skills. We require that they stay off drugs and drinking and adopt healthy lifestyles. Our goal is to try to take them on an outing at least twice a month but we do not have funds for this. We barely have the budget for the utilities, rent, mental and physical healthcare, etc. There is no slush fund for fun, safe activities for bonding with the guys. The Resident Manager is named Anthony and he is one of the mentors for the young men. He is a wonderful person and dips into his own pocket to take the guys out. Actually, all of us fund birthday and graduation "mini-celebrations" out of our own pockets. I would like to raise some funds so that Anthony can take the guys mini-golfing, bowling, or just out on a nice hike. Everything costs money though and we don't have any extra for activities because they are not completely necessary. But I would argue that they are necessary for bonding and to keep the guys from getting caught up in unhealthy activities.

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