Box of Balloons - Birthday Celebrations in a Box!

Hello there! My name is Katie Dukart, and I would like to introduce you to the organization “Box of Balloons”. I recently brought a chapter of the organization to the FM community this past May, and currently serve as volunteer leader of the chapter. Our mission is as simple as this -- We partner with child advocates and social workers in the community to provide birthday parties to children who might not otherwise have one or be celebrated -- free of charge.

Our core belief is that every child deserves to feel special and have a memorable birthday -- despite a child or family's current situation, living arrangements, or financial status, and our fundamental goal is to provide joy, hope and celebration for the child and those surrounding them! 

Once we receive a request from a child advocate, we put our team of volunteers into action pulling together a unique and customized Birthday Box for the child which includes:
- Tableware - Plates, napkins, cups & tablecloth
- Decor - Streamers, balloons & tape
- Party Favors & Party Game/Activity
- Cupcakes - One dozen & candles 
- Birthday Gift – Including wrapping & birthday card 

Once pulled together, we provide the birthday box to the child advocate, and they provide it to the family or caregiver – dignifying and making THEM the hero in the child's eyes!

In 6 short months, we have provided nearly 50 birthday celebration to children and families in need -- in some of the most difficult situations imaginable. As we continue to make contacts and connections, I anticipate we will at least triple that number in 2021!

Financiado pelo capítulo Cass Clay (February 2021)