Keystone Club Community Outreach

I work at the Boys and Girls Clubs in South Bend and we just started our Keystone Club which is the teen leadership club in the Boys and Girls Clubs world. We have seven members as well as three adult staff supporting the teenagers as they look to see how they can be impactful in their community. This particular group has quite a connection with foster care and has an idea to help make the foster care system better and make the lives better for individuals who are currently in foster care. The way the club works is the staff are there to help guide the teens in projects they would like to tackle. The teens would like to throw a Fun Night for kids in the foster care system complete with movie room, game room, music, basketball and of course snacks. Part of the project is working with the teens to come up with the idea, create a plan, budget and then execute all the pieces. The other is to have the teens share something that is close to them like the Boys and Girls clubs with others who they feel would enjoy it.

Financiado pelo capítulo South Bend, IN (December 2020)