Levitt Orlando Bandwagon Concert Series

We will equip a stake truck (see attached image) with audio production equipment for a 3-5 piece band and the Artist will play a thirty to forty minute set at three different locations in the Orlando area on the same day, culminating in a site near Festival Park in the Milk District, the planned location of the Levitt Pavilion Orlando, a proposed public/private partnership with our local non-profit, the Levitt Foundation (www.levitt.org), and the City of Orlando.

A teaser social media campaign will share the date, but in order to avoid drawing large crowds, which could be unsafe in this current moment, exact locations will only be revealed shortly before the date. Since many can't attend porch concerts in these times, we plan on bringing the porch concert to peoples' homes.

Social distancing will be reinforced with floor signage & masks will be required at all performance sites. A second vehicle will transport musicians.

This project also provides an opportunity to employ local musical artists and production professionals, two groups hard-hit by the pandemic. An integral value of the Levitt Foundation is to respect artists and staff, the backbone of live musical performance, by paying them what they're worth. Production will be provided by Jinx-IT, and local event pro, Jessica Pawli, has volunteered to act as Production Manager.

We will be hopefully be kicking off our Capital Campaign in 2021, and we believe this is also the perfect time to share our values and vision with Central Florida. The Levitt Orlando Bandwagon Concert Series will continue throughout the Capital Campaign in diverse neighborhoods across the Orlando area, but we need a catalyst to help us get started. With your grant, a similar grant currently under review by the Central Florida Foundation, & a small sponsorship, we can kick-start our service to Central Florida.

This year has been difficult for so many people, and the social fabric is in need of help healing. We seek to ignite delight.

Financiado pelo capítulo Orlando, FL (December 2020)