Schizy Speaks

Schizy Speaks is a new project of Schizy Inc. The 30 or so people involved in Schizy Inc are doing the equivalent of rebranding the T-Rex dinosaur. We change the way people think about schizophrenia.

Our new project Schizy Speaks is an immediate online response to covid that has seen already very isolated people feel even more disconnected from society and more importantly, each other. In a Schizy Speaks event, one well known person with schizophrenia interviews a professional person with schizophrenia on Zoom. Instead of traditional mental health events, Schizy Speaks is upbeat, positive and joyous. And not one overpaid psychiatrist or stoner psych worker anywhere near the Jeep.

Schizy Inc is the only lived experience led arts collective in town with an established and trusted reputation. What sets us apart from mental health org's is we have no interest in spruiking mental health. We don't do awareness, provide self-help tips for abled neurotypicals to mentally survive covid, or educate people how to tolerate people with schizophrenia.

We enable people with schizophrenia to survive society. We make sure our bones aren't buried in the mud of beige, only dug up to be studied.

Schizy Speaks event disrupts the perception that people with schizophrenia are only in the media if they're doing something wrong. Schizy Speaks shows we're people with a very normal, very common human reality, and through this project, we manage our media. We decide how we're portrayed on screen.

People register to watch the event and there were 45 people tuned in to watch Sandy Jeffs interview a high end mining engineer with schizophrenia. The audience ranged from people with lived experience to psych staff, carers and psy-curious. It gave us all a real sense of pride and purpose and look forward to being able to invite more surprising people to be interviewed on Schizy Speaks.

Financiado pelo capítulo Melbourne (September 2020)