O.D. Aid

O.D. Aid is a grassroots harm reduction program in Fort Worth, Texas where we do overdose prevention, syringe access and training for direct service providers. We distribute naloxone, which can prevent an otherwise fatal overdose from opioids, in a time where fatal overdose is the leading cause of death for people in the U.S. under 50 years old.

In response to the crisis surrounding COVID-19, we launched a new outreach program to people experiencing homelessness, where we bring free naloxone, safer consumption supplies to prevent the spread of HIV, hep C and coronavirus, personal care, menstrual supplies, first aid, food, water, and free bus passes.

In the process, we are reaching nearly 50 people each week with free supplies and educational resources. We also distribute free, rapid-response, on-site HIV and hep C screening kits, pregnancy tests, and other health supplies.

Our total program reaches more than 100 participants each week and outreach has quickly become a large part of our program's work. We are seeking rapid response funding to sustain personal care items, screening and testing equipment, and food/water through a partnership with Food Not Bombs, who make pre-packed, homemade vegan meals like sandwiches, burritos, "TV dinners" for our participants each week while we contribute to food supplies.

Financiado pelo capítulo Homelessness (August 2020)