creAItivity is a nonprofit organization seeking to spread awareness of AI in local communities and help those who are previously underrepresented gain access to AI education.
Artificial intelligence is often regarded as "elite", and although there are a lot of computer science resources out there, not many specialized in the area of AI. Many students, especially those with a minority and low-income background, feel discouraged when they start to become interested in AI and want to learn more. That's why creAItivity focuses on shedding light on AI and provide resources and techniques that students will need to succeed.
We have hosted our COVID-19 challenge in April in order to encourage teens to raise solutions to issues caused by COVID-19. And we have monthly blogs and newsletters detailing opportunities in AI. In addition, we interview STEM professionals and youth-led nonprofits and feature them on our monthly tech zine.
We have already reached people in 10+ countries with 5000+ engagement. Our 15+ leadership team comes from 6 different countries and are all super passionate about bringing AI to the local community.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oakland, CA (September 2020)