Beerend - It's like a bookend for your beer

I like to always have cold beers in the fridge. It means you can have one after a tough day at the office without planning for it or offer your father-in-law a peace gesture when he comes around for a surprise visit.

The problem is storing beer in the fridge takes up a lot of space. You can’t stand bottles up because shelves generally aren’t high enough and as soon as you lie them down they roll all over the place, particularly if you try and stack them on top of each other.

So I invented the Beerend. It’s like a bookend for your beer.

Attached are two images. The first is a concept drawing and the first prototype cut out of balsa wood. The second is the Beerend in action, as you can see it holds the beer in place meaning you can stack beers on top of each other like a pyramid.

Using the side of the fridge as a wall, previously where you could only store 3 beers, you can now stack 8. 4 becomes 11. 5 becomes 14. And it's all thanks to a simple clip that holds your beers in place like a bookend.

Financiado pelo capítulo Melbourne (November 2012)