Heal the Healers, Debriefing the Front Lines

Heal the Healers is a multi-faceted mental health and wellness program with 3 components.

1) Formal debriefing program - a psychologically safe space for nurses to express emotion without fear of judgement. It is in this space resilience is born!

2) Heal the Healers Communication Initiative - daily text messages of encouragement and support sent at 6:15am or pm based upon individual selection.

3) Kind Gestures in the form of care packages and the gift of intention, flowers from Tara's floral shop, Kosmic Garden.

More than a debriefing program, Heal the Healers is on a crusade to ensure no nurse is left behind. Heal the Healers is committed to providing love, emotional support, encouragement and mentorship to registered nurses and those working the front lines. Heal the Healers is working double time to facilitate debriefings, disseminate information and send care packages to our Healers.

Financiado pelo capítulo Baltimore, MD (June 2020)