MOBYSS (Mobile York South Simcoe) is Ontario’s first and only mobile walk-in health and mental health clinic, serving youth aged 12-25 in York Region and South Simcoe.

Designed by and for youth, MOBYSS travels to where youth of all cultural, ethnic, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds gather -- community centres, schools and shelters.

Services are offered 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year and include mental health assessment, suicide intervention, improving coping skills, mental health literacy, addiction counselling, referral, sexual health education and support, basic primary care and health screening.

MOBYSS is staffed by Nurse Practitioners, Youth Mental Health Workers and Peer Support Specialists skilled in assisting youth with issues around depression and anxiety, substance use, suicide risk, bullying, harm and risk reduction, issues unique to LGBTQ youth, as well as many other aspects around mental health and illness.

Last year 5,000+ young people boarded the bus for information and/or counselling and health care services, which are provided at no cost and can be accessed anonymously.

Appointments can be made via the MOBYSS app or by drop in. This innovative model provides a better patient experience and helps reduce unnecessary and expensive hospital visits. MOBYSS relies almost entirely on philanthropy to fund its activities.

Financiado pelo capítulo Newmarket (May 2020)