All Of The Numbers

It's basically a community radio station for Melbourne - but on the Internet.

I've always enjoyed listening to the radio to find out about cool things happening around my city, new music, news, and general discussion. The problem is, amongst all of the many devices I now own, a radio isn't one of them. These days, the only times I hear the radio is when it's being broadcast in a shopping centre, or if I'm in a car, and even those interactions with the medium are becoming fewer.

My project is called All Of The Numbers. It's Melbourne specific community radio, delivered online.

It's curated content created by all kinds of Melburnians - designers, comedians, entrepreneurs, musicians, commentators, story-tellers.

The barrier to entry to access and create content for All Of The Numbers is low. To create a show, all you need is an idea and a voice. To consume the content, all you need is a wifi connection and ears.

There will be a content grid. Different shows stream at different times throughout the week on a schedule. Each show will be delivered as 8 episodes of 15-30 minutes in length, on a weekly basis.

Eventually the content schedule will be full-time.

Listeners can browse content by theme, schedule, presenter.

Sponsors and advertisers can give their support to the whole station, or to a specific presenter or show or series.

Information, knowledge, stories, and entertainment will be delivered to Melburnians by Melburnians.

It will be a way to re-engage the young Melbourne community with the medium. It will be interactive. It will be creative. It will be so very Melbourne.

Think "RRR for geeks", if you must compare it to something. Think "endless possibilities for sharing and growing communication within local communities" if you're feeling as excited as me.

I'm very confident and very excited about this project's enormous potential to do great things. Sorry, I mean - to do AWESOME things.

Financiado pelo capítulo Melbourne (September 2012)