Pop up Ping Pong at Green Square

Community is the most important element for cities. Our project builds upon this premise and will provide the Green Square community with 2 pop up ping pong tables. The outdoor ping pong tables are relatively cheap, light weight and will be moved around Green Square activating previously dead spaces. The project is simple - foster community spirit through the best game ever invented- ping pong!

This activation reflects the communities need for visibility and self expression. It will also help bridge language barriers between existing residents, some of whom may be from other backgrounds, and new residents, 30% of which are from China.

To ensure longevitiy I'll be engaging with local businesses to 'look after' the tables and where possible bring in at night for safety and weather protection.

Community Benefits:
- knowing your neighbours
- healthy living and sport
- excitement and interest
- improved liveability

It would be great to have the Awesome Foundation support this project and help foster great community connection at Green Square.

Thanks for the opportunity to submit this application.


Financiado pelo capítulo Sydney (September 2012)