The northern suburbs of Adelaide, have the highest concentrations of unemployed, underemployed residents and newly arrived migrant residents in SA.
They also have high concentrations of older women living alone; of women who are single parents; of women suffering from a range of debilitating mental health and physical illnesses; women who are carers for loved ones with physical or mental illness; and many migrant women who have suffered torture and trauma, and for whom English is a second language, or who speak little or no English and must rely on interpreters.

THE PROBLEM: The one thing all these woman have in common is they are isolated, with little surplus money for cafes, movies, or buying a book. They often can’t afford local op-shopping, because collectors/up-cyclers have stimulated price hikes.

They have little or no opportunity to socialise and broaden their networks, form new friendships or find the support they need, and begin to make their lives better.

OUR SOLUTION: We are creating a safe space for women of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, income, religion and backgrounds.They are all welcome to meet and participate in a range of activities and workshops. Women can also come to sit and/or work in the garden, in a peaceful, inclusive and friendly 'women only' space.

Financiado pelo capítulo Adelaide (December 2019)