Douglass 18

Douglas 18 project is an effort to redesign and redevelop a dilapidated miniature golf course located in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood with a theme of bird conservation. In 2018 the Douglass 18 Partners brought together the Conservation Architect Team (CATs); a cohort of young adults from Chicago’s west side. Inspired by the park’s bird population, CATs studied and worked with naturalists, artists, designers and architects to design mini-golf obstacles based on their observations. Working out of a basement room of the Douglas Park Field House, the CATs prototyped, tested, and designed concepts for the miniature golf course which will be professionally fabricated and installed in the spring of 2020. Ultimately, the CATs will create a sustainable business model for the course that serves as both a public amenity and a pipeline of career opportunities.

Now that the construction of this project is underway, the CATs would looking to raise awareness about all they have accomplished. They would like to show the creativity and transformation that occurs in a dark park basement on Chicago's west side. The Conservation Architecture Team will be exhibiting in the p11 Gallery located in the Pedway in the Chicago Loop. During this exhibition, The CATs will display the sculptures, models, and playable miniature golf course holes that they have produced over the past year. Three planned Activation Days will open opportunities for the public to "play through" the prototype holes in the Chicago Pedway.

Financiado pelo capítulo Chicago, IL (November 2019)