Science Buddies for LA's Homeless Children

Nearly 18,000 children in Los Angeles are homeless. They don’t worry about homework or after school activities; they worry about whether there will be a place at a shelter for them next month, so that they can have a roof over their heads for a little while. These children move from school to school, and very often they don’t even go to school. How can they fall in love with science? How can they even find it interesting or fun to do, if they don’t really experience it in school, with their peers? The Science Buddies for LA’s Homeless Children is designed to give children residing in Los Angeles’ homeless shelters a chance to see the wonders of science with the help of a community college buddy. Citrus College Physics students will design and conduct science workshops for the children residing at Cesar Chavez Homeless Shelter in Los Angeles. They will focus on the fun of science, but include educational aspects as well. For example, they will help the children build balloon-powered cars, while explaining to them the physics behind this project. In addition, the community college students will fundraise for the benefit of the children who will attend the workshops. The funds raised will be used to purchase backpacks and various school supplies that will be given to the children at the end of the workshop.

Financiado pelo capítulo Los Angeles, CA (October 2019)