Murder Mystery Interactive Event

Awesome Ottawa is proud to very belatedly announce the winner of our March 2011 grant — just in time for the ambitious project to be realized!

In just a few short weeks, explains awardee Greg Jack, over seventy of Ottawa’s hippest young professionals will celebrate Hallowe’en at Ottawa’s biggest ever free-form murder mystery party. There will be prizes, music and dancing, and, oh yeah, a murder! The theme will be dead historical figures.

You’ve seen the murder mystery-in-a-box concepts for sale in the discount aisles, says Greg. You’ve heard of lame parties where actors recreate the murder and the audience is only a passive participant. This is nothing like that. No actors. Everyone plays, and everyone can win.

This is Greg’s fifth murder mystery party, and with the support of Awesome Ottawa his most ambitious one yet. The event is completely non-profit, and after covering any additional costs not taken care of by the Awesome Ottawa grant, all proceeds raised will be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank.

Want to have your own unique Murder Mystery Party, asks Greg? He invites you to visit his website and get in touch.

We will report back later this month on how the event turned out, and how much money was raised!

Financiado pelo capítulo Ottawa (March 2011)