Soften the Path

I truly believe that helping others does not have to be a huge deal . Why cant we just try to * soften the path * of others ? Sometimes that is a smile , a kind word - or a wee chat when someone is troubled . Sometimes we need to do a bit more , to help another . Buy that first doll for the little girl that has never had one ,,,take a struggling family some milk and eggs — buy that young girl her prom dress ,, find that table and chair set roadside and re-furnish it , for the family lacking one ,,, . Take someone to that on interview when they can not afford the gas to travel .

I am very passionate about * softening the path * for others ,, however my own personal funds do not go far ennough — I see so much more that could be done with your AMAZING FUNDS .LIfe has not been kind to everyone , through no fault of their own ,, Our elederly in faciilaties for the aged here in Sarnia are lacking pyjamas and tolitries ... WITH all the individuals we would be able to help — each and every recprient will know ,, it came from the community in the form of that AweSOME GrANt FUND . I could go on and on and on ,, Our local police are struggling ,, we could find a way to surprise annd say THANK YOU !! SO much needs to be done ,, so much ,

I am so hoping that with each little * soften the path * guesture ,, some will play it forward ,, so in reality your Grand would become eternal

Financiado pelo capítulo Sarnia (August 2019)