Colorful Pages Coalition

The Colorful Pages Coalition (CoPaCo) purchases books that feature and are written by people of color. We supply these books to classroom and community spaces, and support leaders in using them through providing lessons and facilitating development opportunities. Our work is made possible by donations from individuals, businesses in our community, and other community funding (grants). We believe ALL children growing up in Western North Carolina must receive positive, representative messages about their worth and importance in every public space.

Asheville City Schools and Buncombe County schools have reported disturbing gaps in academic achievement between white students and those of color. The discipline data is equally distressing. CoPaCo aims to begin shifting the school system to one designed to support ALL students. Our first concrete action is to balance the bookshelves with books that positively represent and amplify people of color. We also use social media, our personal money, and word of mouth to support the work of other equity-focused organization and individuals. Lastly, we encourage those who have no been active in the fight for equity to join us. We ask for support in our work and praise, post, and spread the word about businesses and individuals who support us or other equity efforts.

Colorful Pages Coalition’s vision is to change western North Carolina into a place where, because of 100% Community support, participation, and action, children of all colors and backgrounds grow up with complete love and respect. We work towards this vision by informing the public of social and political realities of racial equity, inviting individuals and businesses to take part in progressing racial equity, and supporting individuals and businesses in maintaining continual activism roles. We recognize and include children as respected and knowledgeable participants and guides in this liberation work.

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