Sew Much Fun

Teaching students the basic of sewing by hand and with a sewing machine. To learn all the techniques of the machine including, using thread needles, fabric and patterns to learn to create small items first. The goal is to get them excited about sewing, continuing to learn how to create their own designs. Whether it is fashion or accessories, the goal is to have them learn to engineer items by their own hands. If we can get them involved in their own designs, we can encourage them to be more creative in their lives. We have hosted a fashion show every year for two years promoting their garments and accessories. Our students are from all walks of life and all sorts of disabilities. We show positive reinforcement of the craft and willing to learn. Most of our students, have gone on to universities to study fashion or the fashion industry.

Some of the other techniques we go on to teach are:
Polymer Clay
Pattern making
Pattern design
Paper Mache

Please consider us for this awesome Project!

Financiado pelo capítulo San Antonio, TX (June 2019)