Pete's Putrid Peas

I’m currently fundraising for my new film, Pete’s Putrid Peas! It’s a wild and visually insane short that brings you into the world a notorious Vlogger who falls further and further out of reality while eating nothing but peas for a three week Instagram challenge.

Over the last year, I haven’t felt good about my time on instagram, my social media screen-time was up to 5 hours per day and I felt like crap. I wished my shots looked liked others’ and I was trying to keep up an image on Instagram that I couldn’t. Truthfully it felt like I was slipping into a different reality, a fake reality. I decide to creatively channel this into writing a narrative/experimental film and in the process, I now feel a lot healthier about my time on social media and my screen-time is way down.

Now, the next step is to make this film to spread to the 210 million people who suffer from social media addiction and exhibit depressive symptoms due to screen-time.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (May 2019)