WUJ Kampong Clean-up

Wan's Ubin Journal (WUJ) Kampong Clean-up is the first of its kind on Pulau Ubin, where a clean-up project is aimed directly in helping the community, instead of just the environment.

Home to Singapore's last offshore kampong, Pulau Ubin is the only place in Singapore that is left untouched from urban development and is kept in its rustic charms. The 30+ kampong houses that remain on the island are the only remnants of how Singapore used to look like in the past - not just in terms of its environment, but also through the community and its spirit; thus serving as an important heritage and cultural preservation for Singapore.

However, as most of the residents have aged gracefully, they have begun to face much difficulty in maintaining the beauty of their kampong houses, courtyards and gardens. Some of the yards have been covered with dense overgrowth and debris that it poses as a safety hazard for the residents too as unattended overgrowth can lead to mosquito breeding grounds and nests for snakes and other dangerous wildlife.

Through my project, I hope to give back to the Ubin community by offering my help with volunteers to help maintain their homes and gardens. We assist in sweeping their courtyards, cleaning their homes and other tasks that residents may require help with.

This project also strikes a personal note for me as my late grandparents and my mom have spent a lot of their lives on Pulau Ubin in the past. I hope that through this community outreach, I get to show my gratitude and appreciation for the community where my family came from.

I also aim to help raise awareness of Pulau Ubin as a heritage and cultural preservation site through this project by sharing heritage stories and memories with the volunteers so that they would also hold a special place for Ubin in their hearts as well.

With funding, I hope to make this project run monthly so that we can reach out to as many people as possible on the beauty and significance of Pulau Ubin.

Financiado pelo capítulo Singapore (April 2019)