My City: Creative Writing & Storytelling - Persian

This creative writing and storytelling workshop for ages 15+ planned to take place at the Central Youth Club in Liverpool in May to coincide with WoW Festival aims to bring together the Iranian diaspora with the wider communities of Liverpool through storytelling. -extending on the social events to celebrate national and cultural occasions and the English classes for adults to help the new immigrants handle day to day conversations we offer.

Using The Book of Tehran - a new collection of short stories translated into English by some of the best contemporary writers from Iran as inspiration for the day the group will explore how they might apply these themes to their own place of writing. What is the Iranian community’s experience of life in Liverpool? What can we learn from the style of writing, language and interpretations across cultures? How does this evoke a sense of place, what do we learn about Tehran, how does this compare to our experience of these cities? The leader would then introduce exercises for the group to try, leading into creative time in which to write something exploring their relationship to Iran, the UK or both. There would then be time for the group to share their stories and feedback.

Proposed workshop leaders are local artist and creative writing expert Vahid Davar and The Book of Tehran contributor Orkideh Behrouzan.

Financiado pelo capítulo Liverpool (March 2019)