Feed Your Mind (Nutrition Program)

Our Breakfast program at Sir William Mulock Secondary School is a far reaching initiative providing access to a healthy meal daily to students in need while concurrently developing employment skills to at risk students in specialized programming.

Our breakfast program provides three basic food groups to over 100 students every day in our school. We have created an environment where any student can come to our Main Office, Learning Commons (Library) or our Breakfast room and receive grab-n-go healthy snacks to fuel their brains and bodies. We feel that accessibility to healthy food is vital for all students. Therefore, it is very important that students do not feel stigmatized for accessing these resources. Therefore, our program provided equal access for all students who might not have access to healthy food. We, also, want to encourage healthy eating options for all of our students.

In addition to feeding hungry teens, our program provides learning opportunities and job experience to many specialized programs in our school. The students in our Autism program are given employment ready skills through our program by baking muffins, doing laundry, delivering snacks, and bagging cereal for our program. The students in our Multiple Exceptionalities class deliver snacks to many locations in our school daily. Our Community class learns food preparation skills by preparing fresh veggie snack bags for our program on a weekly basis. Our Alternative Education classes prepare snacks, bake muffins, and prepare hot foods for the Breakfast program.

Financiado pelo capítulo Newmarket (February 2019)