Raleigh "GAYTEWAY" Project

The "GAYTEWAY" project will install sidewalk murals at the intersection of McDowell and Morgan Street, one of the main access points to Raleigh's "Gayborhood", as a part of Stonewall Sports-Raleigh hosting our National Tournament in Raleigh in June 2019.

Raleigh's "Gayborhood" is essentially located in the downtown warehouse district. Currently, the Raleigh LGBT Center, Legends Night Club, and Flex Night Club are located here. If you are coming down Capital Boulevard you would first drive past the "Gayborhood" at the intersection of McDowell and Morgan Street. At the intersection is a restaurant called the District , which is LGBT owned and operated as well. At the this intersection, on the sidewalk areas in front of the District I want to have a welcoming LGBT sidewalk mural that start at the sidewalk intersection and spreads out in two directions (going west on Morgan Street and south on McDowell Street).

Financiado pelo capítulo Raleigh, NC (November 2018)