Bullying is Despicable

Makaila lost a friend to suicide as a result of bullying last summer. Makaila(who will turn 15 in October) herself has been bullied for years and decided as a means of coping with this devastating loss she needed to spread the word against bullying. Last summer we borrowed a trailer to begin her endeavour of creating a float which she puts in parades locally so far with hope of spreading throughout the quad counties and further in near future .. just very costly. . Then when I traded my rig on an suv I had them wire me for a trailer and include a trailer for Makaila’s float So far have only taken in summer parades but planning on the Xmas ones this year. Makaila chose a theme and went from there including a personal tribute to her friend Madison.. we have had banners made and Tshirts too and continue to add as we can to this great project. Makaila suffers from depression and anxiety and since beginning this endeavour has come so far. She even entered a sandcastle competition this summer with the same theme. One disadvantage to this is it’s all out of our pockets. We are not a business or a group just individuals trying to get our message out there!! And we have lots of ideas to expand our float to include music and lights and themes specific to parade but these things all cost and will continue to do as we are able to as this is so important

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