Careship Coorong is a social care farm for people living with dementia, people with mental health problems and those who just feel lonely in their community. A social care farm provides social support by enabling participants to work on an actual farm. Our farm is set up as a free-range snail farm.

As part of our social support we run a fortnightly intergenerational cooking & gardening program in which local school students come to the farm to interact with older community members through cooking and gardening. The student would come to the farm every week (recently changed to fortnightly) and cook lunches in the Mongolian yurt for older community members who would like to interact with the students. The students have learned many new skills and gained confidence while building up valuable networks in the community. The older community members say they feel less lonely and they engage more in community events.

The Y-Cook program has been running for 3 years with much enthusiasm and passion from all participants.

Financiado pelo capítulo Adelaide (August 2018)