Love Starts Here.

Love starts here. Within our hearts, our soul, our spirit. If you can't love yourself, how in the heck are you gonna love somebody else? I want to put together an art show that is a safe space for featured artists who bring awareness to mental health and LGBT+ issues within the Black community. I have a mission to shine light on the importance of self-love and showing artists that collaborating is more progressive than competing. I want everyone involved to feel empowered and to gain a bit of insight into how artists use their work to cope and elevate. I have a team of artists, performers, and vendors that are willing to help me create my own show as I've only been a part of other people's events. It will be a collaborative event where artists are not only showcasing their work but engaging with the attendees to help them in expressing themselves. There will be 3 main sections for interactive displays such as live painting on a large shared canvas, jumbo coloring sheets created by the artists with markers for attendees to color in, and a self-portrait photo booth. I want to influence the community to practice love for self through art because the more I expressed myself and refined the results, the more I developed my skill and clarified my path. Hopefully this event can inspire and uplift people to feel more confident in their natural talents and potential growth.

Financiado pelo capítulo Philadelphia, PA (July 2018)