Imagine a place where nothing is what it seems, where a coffee shop provides a secret portal to a whole other universe, where kids and curious grown ups are pioneers of the unknown and forgotten...
Enter Marshmallow, a field guide for the modern marvel. Part Diary of a Wimpy Kid, part Highlights Magazine, and part window into the most magical Pittsburgh scavenger hunt you’ve ever experienced, Marshmallow is an independently published magazine for imaginative kids and adults alike. However, you won’t find this magazine next to those delicious celeb rags at the grocery store checkout. Instead, Marshmallow will be tucked away on coffee shop window sills, free libraries, playgrounds, and various locations around the city. Regardless of where you find it, this is one magazine that will always be free.

Just what will you find once you discover it? Framed like the mysterious lost diary of a twelve-year-old Pittsburgher, the pages of Marshmallow are filled with Victorian-esque past-times like paper dolls, interviews spotlighting the wildest Pittsburghers (think worm farmers and puppet makers), and comics highlighting bits of our city’s unbelievable history. This isn’t a typical magazine... this is a serialized experiment, published quarterly. Growing in scope over time, Marshmallow will incorporate a range of physical and digital devices to create a completely unique storytelling adventure for anyone willing to try.

But why Marshmallow? This is an exciting project that promotes literacy in unconventional ways. Its intention is to help our readers view this city with alternate eyeballs, all the while gaining a new skill or two along the way. Dreamed up and created by two playful educators, this magazine will engage and challenge its readers to explore the unexplored right in front of them.

It’s awesome. It’s fun. It can be enjoyed with or without graham crackers and chocolate.
See you soon!

Financiado pelo capítulo Pittsburgh, PA (May 2018)