The Hague (Inativo)

Este capítulo está inativo. Um capítulo é considerado inativo quando não tiver apoiado projetos em um período de seis meses. Se você estiver interessado em reiniciar este capítulo, por favor entre em contato.

Sobre Nós

Welcome to Awesome Foundation The Hague! Each month we award a €1000 no-strings-attached grant to realize awesome initiatives that solve a problem, cultivate our community, and spread joy. Most importantly, we are passionate about seeing your awesome idea come to life.

Every last Thursday of the month we host a get-together where you can pitch your awesome idea. We open up our network, give feedback and choose the most awesome idea who gets the grant. It’s that simple.

What we are looking for in a grant receiver?

  • Innovative, exciting and unusual ideas
  • Ideas that have the potential to go far (check out past grant recipients for inspiration)
  • Ideas filled with passion and purpose
  • Projects where the grant is a catalyst to kickstart something awesome

We are not so keen on:

  • Funding rent or living expenses
  • Funding marketing for existing projects
  • Funding travel expenses
  • Proposals that are not clear on what the impact would be of the grant

Bonus hint: Arguably the most important question is 'How will you use the money?' Make sure you take some time to be really clear and specific about what the grant would be spent on and what it would achieve.