Liquid Loom

Liquid Loom is a retrospective into the scientific foundations of digital flat-screen technology, revealing electro-kinetic behavior of liquid crystal media in-between two pieces of polarized glass. This exhibit lifts the mysterious veil of complex electronics and reveals the inherent beauty of liquid crystals, a liquid media on which most modern video flat screens are based.

This work reaches back into the landfills of anthropocene waste, upcycling otherwise discarded LCD technology, in hopes to subvert our western ideals of pixel precision and offer an alternative to the dominant paradigm of perfection, transcending our beliefs around what is materially valuable and revealing the true analog inner nature and unique beauty of the liquid crystals, themselves.

The natural kinetic response of liquid crystals to surrounding ambient voltage offers a macroscale window into the sublte world of electron flow. Electron movement is easily witnessed on a human scale through the LCDs natural response to ambient electrostatic fields, as free ions find a path to ground through finger contact with conductive edge pins. Beautiful “glitch” style patterns reminiscent of subconscious surrealist art emerge through experimental play with liquid crystals, offering insight into the underlying physical behavior of LC technology.

Ֆինանսավորված San Francisco, CA կողմից (March 2018)