Fresco Exchange

Fresco Exchange is an “intercambio artistico” that promotes and connects artists from Latin America and the US through creative programs and artistic interventions. Our goal is to host gallery exhibits, urban art projects and community workshops across various cities in the US, and we’d love to include San Francisco in the mix!

We believe art can serve as a tool to travel, learn and experience new cultures. Our resources help artists transcend socio-political boundaries, which can prevent individuals from traveling or bringing their artwork freely across nations. We help our diverse network of artists share their visions with broader audiences and expand their creative presence internationally. By hosting exhibitions and residencies for public art projects across countries, we can also inspire your communities with new ways of creative thinking.

Fresco has organized 5 exhibits with 40+ artists, starting at the Cambridge Innovation Center in the US in 2016, and leading to the Ministry of Culture in Cali, Colombia in 2017. We’ve also hosted 3 artists in Colombia to participate in the Muro al Barrio project, an intervention to transform areas of Cali through urban art, research and community engagement.

In Fall 2018, Colombian artists will visit the US to participate in local community projects, and we’re planning impactful public art projects and exhibitions in welcoming cities. We can show residents across demographics that urban art is not simply a means for decoration, but an educational, touching experience at no cost to the public. Through murals and art shows, we can enrich their culture, hope, and joy, while setting examples for your youth. We hope you’ll support our adventure!

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