PiquaPOP Art Walk

I'd like to host PiquaPOP, a pop-up art walk in Piqua, very similar to the recent BoldPas event in Old Town Pasadena, California, which drew 15,000 guests. https://www.oldpasadena.org/visit/events/signature-events/boldpas/

This free, interactive, family art event would be held in Spring 2018, and involve a juried exhibit of large-scale artwork (probably 5-9 pieces). I'm envisioning this being held in the block of outdoor space behind Susie's Big Dipper, with the major pieces displayed along this back street, and artists working in plein air on easels on the brick patio throughout the day. I'd also love to see spin art or sidewalk chalking during the day for children. Non-traditional and funky art welcome!

This pop-up event would start in the morning and be taken down by 8PM. Looking down this alleyway, attendees should also be able to get a long view of the new mural downtown. Artists would be permitted to sell their installations, as long as they remain in place through the entire event.

I would like to invite several groups to have a representative on a committee for this event, including: Piqua Arts Council, Piqua Mainstreet, Edison State Community College, the Piqua Library, and others. We will seek submissions from artists throughout the region, with extra preference "points" given to local works.

Ֆինանսավորված Piqua, OH կողմից (September 2017)