Rainbows on Allen

'Rainbows on Allen' is an ongoing collaborative project created by the Allentown Association and the Pride Center of WNY meant to create an enduring visual display of acceptance and inclusiveness in Allentown.

For many years Allentown has been considered the center of the LGBTQ community and to strengthen our community as a whole we envision Allen Street with rainbow crosswalks. This may seem bold but we believe this global symbol of acceptance is most important in recent uncertain times. Not to mention the numerous custom crosswalk precedents made around the world. While the image is not hard to picture, the impact of this symbolic imagery will be a strong reminder to our community and WNY. We understand that a project of this scale at every crosswalk may be daunting, and have logistical challenges, but we are confident that with our combined organizational experience and positive support of Councilman Franczyk that the project has wings. It is also our intent that this is not only a collaborative project between our two organizations, but with the community at large. We will organize the event to have team leaders who will work with people from the community to make this project a realization at a single event. What better way than to do this together.

The first rainbows were painted on sidewalks during Buffalo Pride Week 2017, as well as, on the Allentown Association's First Friday Gallery Walk providing maximum enthusiasm and impact.

The Allentown Association and The Pride Center of WNY stand for opportunity and inclusiveness and we believe Rainbows on Allen contributes toward that vision.

Check out photos from Awesome Buffalo Pitch Night.

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