PCIS Family Math Night

I would like to organize a PCIS Family Math Night that will allow students and parents to come together and share in the learning process. PCIS families would be invited to share 7 math activities with their child. Teachers will build connections with PCIS families and encourage parent/student involvement.

The 7 activities for this event will include:

  1. Equations with Candy
  2. Real Life Grocery Shopping
  3. Cards and Fractions
  4. Skittles Data
  5. 3D Marshmallows
  6. Volume with Boxes
  7. Laffy Taffy Long Jump

Studies show children do better when families are involved in the school. There is no question in my mind that all families want to see their child succeed. Teachers need to communicate and listen to the families to help leverage the education process. Families need to have a clear understanding of teacher expectations and teachers need to understand family concerns. Building trust and convincing parents that we all have the same goal -- wanting what is best for their child -- creates a partnership that will help increase student achievement. If teachers and families can come together to support the schools, we can maximize a child’s chance for success. I’m hoping this event can bring that partnership together.

Please note: I will be glad to send pictures after the event.

Ֆինանսավորված Piqua, OH կողմից (November 2016)