New Vista Music Studio

The project will consist of teachers and students at New Vista high School on Baseline Rd. in Boulder, working together, to convert the current music room into an audio engineering and recording studio. The New Vista Music Studio.

We would like to expand the current music course offerings at the school, which focus mostly on performance. The newly added engineering studio would incorporate both audio sciences and technical aspects of music production for those students that perform as well as for those students that are motivated by music but not performers. The newly constructed New Vista Music Studio will not only be used for audio recording but will be used as a media production inter-space, to correlate with the expanding video production studio at the school.

The New Vista Music Studio will be a fully functioning audio engineering studio on par with college level productions. The projected course offerings will be pre-college preparation right into one college level course.

The New Vista Music Studio will prepare students for college level Audio Engineering programs. Eventually, the studio could be presented to the community as a student volunteered production company, or on a paid per project basis for school fundraising.

Ֆինանսավորված Boulder, CO կողմից (February 2016)