Happy Hubbub

We are building a coworking community for parents in Melbourne's north: a shared office space, or work hub, with high-speed internet and printing/scanning facilities, bookable meeting rooms and offices, networking opportunities and – crucially – a childcare facility, allowing parents of preschoolers to work or study with their children on-site but not under their feet, being looked after by qualified childcare professionals.

With women starting businesses more than ever before – often whilst juggling child-rearing – a Happy Hubbub membership will help relieve the pressures of fluctuating business demands, especially as many long daycare providers are unable to provide additional care on an ad-hoc basis or at short notice. Having the childcare on-site also enables parents to stay in close proximity to their child, and helps to facilitate continued breastfeeding.

Happy Hubbub will also run events with on-site babysitting available, for members and non-members alike. Such events – book clubs, networking events, business workshops, and arts and crafts classes – will enable parents, and especially single parents, to connect with the wider community, and enjoy some 'me time' without having to go to the gym.

Happy Hubbub is committed to championing women at work...
We will work with companies to help develop flexible pathways and ramp-up solutions for women (and men!) returning to work from parental leave.

...and women in business.
Our long-term goal is to create an annual grant program where we award a fledgling business with a 12-month hubbub residency. With a leaning towards applicants with childcare needs, the program will be a fantastic opportunity for mums (and dads!) starting out in business. We aim to offer one placement per year per branch (that's right, per branch – our vision is a network of hubbubs across Australia. We're not afraid to dream big!).

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (August 2015)