Tilt-Down Fence

Imagine a simple fence in your neighborhood park, that was at once a climbing play structure, but could also transform into a picnic table for the whole family. Awesome! This summer- that could happen! Tilt-Down Fence is not just a temporary urban art project, it activates a green-space that is otherwise unused. It is an urban stage set for cultural and community activities that can generate conversation between the immigrant communities in Dorchester. In serving the Vietnamese immigration population in Boston, as well as the immediate Dorchester residents, our transformative fence will create a place for a fun-filled ending to summer with water puppet shows, potlucks, and oral story performances. These fences are going to be made out of bamboo poles, a material completely atypical to the neighborhood of Fields Corner, but resonate with the Vietnamese population we are collaborating with. These not-so-simple fences are a play-ground for children and adults alike, and the local and immigrant communities. Don't miss out on the possibility to reimagine a different type of fence, a different type of park, here in Boston!

We operate and LOVE collaborating with artists, designers from various backgrounds, and of course the community as well. so this summer project we have our incredible partners at the Vietnamese American Initiative for Development (Viet-AID) located in Dorchester, as well as their Youth Group from the Dorchester Environmental Action Program (DEAP). The Youth Group has already begun building their project in the garden lot located across our proposed site and we are eager to get this project started and join them this summer in getting the community excited about the upcoming change!

You can follow our project on our blog:

Ֆինանսավորված Boston, MA կողմից (August 2015)