Operation Grease

I am looking to improve the choir and theater departments at my school, which have not had nearly enough funds to do as much as they would want to.

This year, the Choir and Theater departments are combining to create a musical production named Grease. This is only the third year of the school's existence, and the first year anything like this is occurring. Both the choir and theater teachers are looking to expand and this production will greatly help with that. Unfortunately, neither of these departments have had decent funding from the district due to budget cuts, and although they do hold fundraisers, they still don't have sufficient funds to be able to expand like they would want to. This production will really be a big step in developing the programs, and hopefully will spark interest in others to participate in more of these types of productions in the future, as students don't have to be in the actual choir or theater classes to participate. Talent is always wanted, and there is always a bunch of hidden talent within the students at school.

Because of the lack of money there are several apparent issues within these departments. For example, the school's light board and communication system has always needed improvement, as sometimes the lights just completely shut off or the sound system malfunctions and productions have to be delayed. Along with these, the sound system could really use individual and hanging microphones for the actors. With the way the stage is set up, the acoustics aren't a;ways the best, and it is often difficult to hear anything on stage, even though there are a already few microphones there. This obviously will not bode well with the type of production that is planned. Also, wood is always needed to build the sets and costumes, and makeup and meals are needed for the actors.

This production will go a long ways, not only in the choir and theater departments, but also in the overall success of the school.

Ֆինանսավորված Plano, TX կողմից (March 2014)