Operation Red Nose Kingston

By the community, for the community. That best sums up one of Kingston's most worthwhile - and dare we say, AWESOME - seasonal campaigns. When many other people are celebrating and imbibing during the holiday season, a group of dedicated volunteers give up their own nights to get others home safely. Yes, we drive drunks home. But they are happy, generous and responsible drunks. Our goal is to reduce impaired driving by creating awareness and education around all those options available to holiday revellers - whether it be arranging a designated driver, calling a friend, calling a cab, spending the night, or using Operation Red Nose. Our service was introduced in Kingston in 1997, volunteers have escorted almost 8,600 motorists home safely during the festive season. Area residents have donated $165,000 to local charities. AWESOME. One day, we hope there will be no need for Operation Red Nose, but until that happens, we'll be here. We are your last call before you hit the road.

Ֆինանսավորված Kingston կողմից (November 2013)