Sustainability Garden Dinner

This year the Ipswich High School Environmental Club is hoping to host a community Garden Dinner at the school garden. We aim for this dinner to be a night where members of the community can come together to learn what the Environmental Club does not only for our school, but for Ipswich as a whole, while eating some yummy sustainably grown food outdoors. The garden setting is what makes this event really special. Generation Growers Garden was built to connect the youngest generations of our town to the oldest. Precovid Ipswich students worked with elderly Ipswich residents to tend and care for this outdoor space. The Environmental Club is hoping to rekindle this relationship in the coming year and work hand in hand with willing community members. At dinners past we have had guest speakers and volunteer student musician groups perform. All around, it is a beautiful night for our community to connect to youth climate leaders, learn a thing or two and help support a student in their future in sustainability. This event will help us fundraise for our yearly Sustainability Scholarship that is awarded to an Ipswich High School senior who is planning on focusing their future studies on the environment. This year our goal is to hold this event on Friday May 24th or Saturday May 25th. Ipswich Education Foundation (IEF) has pledged to match the amount of money this event brings in which will double the scholarship amount.

Ֆինանսավորված Ipswich, MA կողմից (April 2024)