Trenton Hustle

Once an industrial power house Trenton is now a shell of its former self. Over 30 murders in a town of 85,000 this year. The streets lined with litter, homeless everywhere begging for change, gangs of bored teenagers roam the streets beating and robbing for fun. I meet a lot of people that want to work, but for many reasons (No ID, no transportation, sketchy work history, questionable pasts) they can't get a job. Also many people are incapable of working a consistent 8 hour a day 5 day a week job and only want to make enough money to get by for a day or two.
I want to give them that opportunity. "Trenton Hustle" will combine community service with a money making oportunity. In exchange for 25 hours of litter patrol and light gardening I will pay for a peddlers permit and background check. With these credentials a person would be able to use my peddlers cart to sell fruit, nuts, water and vegetables. I would do a 50/50 split and use the profits to build more carts. The carts will have brooms, rakes and garbage bags to encourage more cleanup. The shifts will be a short 4 hours with a morning sign in. I have a few candidates that would be perfect to test the concept. I would also use some profit for prizes because I want to make it a competition.

Ֆինանսավորված Boston, MA կողմից (October 2013)