MAKE it: East Boston’s Bicycle Rack

MAKE it: East Boston’s Bicycle Rack, Mural & Community Ideas Chalkboard
Late August 2013
Central Square area in East Boston

Incorporating both high- and low-tech tools, MAKE IT hopes to bring the Maker’s Movement to the streets of East Boston. Through tactile, hands-on activities, this ½ day event will bring artists and community members together to collectively prototype a new bicycle station to actively support walking and cycling in East Boston. Combining high-tech tools (3D printer, vinyl cutter) and “lo-fi” materials (cardboard, sidewalk chalk, duct tape, etc), this event is an opportunity to pilot participatory urban design with new mediums.

We are working with community groups from East Boston on this event.

Bicycle Rack Prototyping & Fabrication
This one day prototyping “studio” would co-create East Boston’s bicycle rack. East Boston artists will have a designated amount of time to build their own bike rack.

One selected bike rack will be professionally fabricated and installed in the designated parcel later in the fall.

Mural on Roof of Bicycle Shed
A second, younger group of East Bostonians will paint their own mural on the ceiling of the bicycle rack shelter.

Community Ideas Chalkboard
Painting the exterior wall of the adjacent building with blackboard paint, we'll create a community chalkboard. We'll ask "MAKE IT” participants to create, write, and draw whatever inspires them.

Ֆինանսավորված Boston, MA կողմից (August 2013)