NWME Inc - Nurrgingy Miniature Railway

North Western Model engineers are a dedicated group of volunteers with an interest in Model engineering.

"Model Engineering" covers a variety various interests, including Scale Model
Locomotives (Steam, Diesel & Electric) and their rolling stock, Model Railways, Steam Trucks, and also Traction, Stationary Portable Steam Engines.

Opening its southern loop in Nurragingy Reserve (November 2019) to raise the funds to complete the track the volunteers have tirelessly given their time to the project.

We run Scale Model locomotives on this Southern loop every 3rd Sunday of the month for a nominal fee of $3, the money raised from these running days is then put back into working towards the completion of Stage 1 of Nurragingy Miniature railway
Through the setbacks of floods (February 2020 & March 2021) in Nurragingy Reserve, the volunteer members keep going. Redesigning elements of the project and coming up with flood mitigation strategies to ensure the safety of the railway assets.

During the Covid lockdown the club drew on the skill sets of its volunteer members to find a way to keep the railway open during this strange new way of living. The volunteer members were able to formulate a COVID safe plan and resume a basic form of COVID running in August 2020. This enabled the railway to share their love of the project and model engineering with the Blacktown City Community under the Covid Lockdown Period.

They have reached out to other community groups such as Blacktown Lions and Blacktown Rotary and built a community partnership with these organisations, building a better community in the Blacktown area. They also received grants through My community Project and Community Building project.

These partnerships and running days will enable the volunteers of North Western Model Engineers after 4 years of hard graft to open the completed stage 1 of Nurragingy Miniature Railway in April 2023. With all the hard work the volunteer members have put into this project, a big Grand Opening Ceremony is planned for the weekend of April 15th and 16th 2023. The grant will be used to decorate the site and run the event.

The Miniature Railway will bring the community together with rides for adults and children alike while also providing a place to build friendships learn new skills and reduce loneliness with the community. The railway will help share the rich history of trains with the current generation.

Ֆինանսավորված Sydney կողմից (February 2023)