Smart solar greenhouse for small spaces

My Terrace Farmer (MTF) is a small footprint modular smart solar greenhouse for people with limited gardening skills. In the right location it is self watering (rain water collection) and completely solar powered. In many imperfect urban locations it uses a standard 110-volt outlet to provide supplemental plant lighting and winter heating. MTF will also allow remote monitoring of growing conditions, limited emergency mobile phone charging, limited emergency drinking water, and worm compost tea fertilization. See to see some of the components used in building a My Terrace Farmer (launching Earth Day 2013 Green Festival). With mass production, the goal is to make technology affordable - for a price of a large screen television your family will have additional food security, emergency preparedness, and an education tool.

Ֆինանսավորված Boulder, CO կողմից (February 2013)