MURALJAWNS: Murals for Black Lives Matter

Our project is to create public artwork in the community by connecting storefront businesses with black, Philly-based artists in an effort to transform boarded up storefronts, windows and walls into murals that celebrate black lives.The protests and actions throughout the country, but particularly in Philadelphia, over the past month were the start of a long overdue, city-wide recognition that Black lives matter. MuralJawns wants to ensure that the calls that filled our streets continue to reverberate in our communities by working with artists and businesses in solidarity.

Local artists are working with MuralJawns to create a portfolio of potential murals for business owners to choose. On the day of mural installation, MuralJawns coordinates communication between the artist, the business, as well as a community of volunteers that contribute to the artpiece. Volunteers will help to paint, sketch, and support the project by offering their own time and expertise. The permanent and temporary murals we create will support communities as they continue to have long-term dialogues on what actions they need to take to show that Black lives matter.

Ֆինանսավորված Philadelphia, PA կողմից (July 2020)