Operaverse presents Trouble in Tahiti

Operaverse is about creating musical art and developing musical artists. Our inaugural production is Trouble in Tahiti by Leonard Bernstein offered in Boulder, CO on 10/27/2012, Fort Collins on 10/28, and Broomfield, CO on 11/2. We are completely cast by local artists and all the performances will be free and open to the public.

Opera is often branded as elitist and it is certainly not the cheapest art-form to produce or attend. As a result and despite its beauty, it is often named as one of the most disliked art-forms. Many, if not most of the "opera-haters" have never heard an operatic performance. The charm of this particular medium is that you get to experience the power of the human voice in a visceral way but only if you can afford to go. That's were I step in. I believe in the power of the human voice and I believe in humans so this is my community offering.

The Opera:
Trouble in Tahiti is a one-act opera in english that tells the story of one day in the life of an unhappily married couple, Dinah and Sam. It is a sublime piece of music that really speaks to the human condition. The work makes a social commentary about things that look perfect on the surface. It is also rumored that this work was biographical, a story about Leonard Bernstein's own parents. Trouble in Tahiti is very accessible for an American audience that may or may not have any experience with Opera. The story is an archetype and one we all know because we have lived it or seen it play out. There are elements of jazz in the score as well as a jazz trio (as a greek chorus) that help the audience navigate the work both aurally and emotionally.

In conclusion, this project is awesome because it is a new approach. Operaverse is grassroots Opera designed for the community-at-large. To display the power of the human voice. This power should not be reserved for those who can afford it. It belongs, by right, to all of us.

Ֆինանսավորված Boulder, CO կողմից (October 2012)

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