COVID-19 Emergency Response Programming

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Inspiration Corporation has modified and expanded services to protect the health and safety of both participants and staff, while providing vital services to vulnerable Chicagoans.

Traditionally a restaurant-style soup kitchen, Inspiration Corporation’s Meals program has transitioned seamlessly during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide community members in need with two meals packaged to-go every day of the week. In the weeks since the agency transitioned to a to-go meals program, the average number of meals distributed each day at Inspiration Cafe in Uptown has increased by almost 250%, with as much as 30% of meals going to children.

Simultaneously, the agency has expanded meals program at its Inspiration Kitchens facility in East Garfield Park, providing almost 900 additional meals for participants at six peer agencies throughout Chicago.

Inspiration Corporation’s Housing Services program has continued providing housing and wraparound care for homeless individuals and families, providing them with a safe place to stay during the pandemic response and helping alleviate the immediate, persistent unmet demand for housing services in Chicago. The agency is providing additional supports for housing participants, including grocery delivery, cleaning kits, cash grants to support utilities and other basic needs, and credits for ride shares to access basic medical services. The agency is also actively working to bring adequate technology into households served by its programs, helping support education and economic opportunity.

In the coming months, Inspiration Corporation will continue to expand services in the face of COVID-19 to serve as many community members in need as possible as effectively as possible.

Ֆինանսավորված Chicago, IL կողմից (June 2020)