Good Cycles

Good Cycles

Good Cycles is a start-up social enterprise that will provide training and jobs in bicycle mechanics to people experiencing long-term unemployment and disadvantage – including Indigenous Australians, refugees and at-risk youth.

Good Cycles will operate mobile bike mechanic teams across Melbourne. Each team will consist of an experienced bike mechanic paired with our trainees. Together they will cycle the city on cargo bikes (with tools on board) offering tune-up/repair services to workplaces and individuals – at office buildings, universities, events and on major cycling entry points into Melbourne’s CBD.

Good Cycles will also offer educational courses in emergency bike maintenance.

Good Cycles is a values-driven organisation, focused on delivering positive outcomes for the community and environment. We are committed to:
- Providing jobs
- Offering a high quality and hassle-free service to Melbourne’s cyclists
- Giving people opportunities to volunteer with a social enterprise
- Encouraging cycling as a safe and healthy mode of transport
Our detailed market analysis and business modelling indicates a very strong opportunity for Good Cycles to meet both its financial and social objectives.

Good Cycles has a highly skilled management team and a very strong advisory board. We have firm alliances with industry partners and the support of local government, universities and big business.

We are ready to roll...

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (October 2012)