Roxbury Unity Parade

I started the Roxbury Unity Parade two years ago after seeing other neighborhoods had parades, and after a stretch of violence hit the city I wanted to help in the healing process.

This July will be our third year. The Roxbury Unity Parade is more than a parade it's a day of community. From 10:00 am - 12:00 pm it's called the R.UP. Block Party. At this time, people are dancing and getting to know each other.

The R.U.P. Opening Ceremony is when we pay homage to those who have come before us, like Melnea Cass and uplift those who are doing great things in the community, like the Haley House. At 1:00 pm the parade kicks-off.

At the same time at the parade's endpoint, there's the R.U.P. Empowerment Resource Fair and the R.U.P HoodFest showcasing local talent. There's ree concessions for the children with bouncy houses and face painting.

Ֆինանսավորված Boston, MA կողմից (January 2020)